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Meet the Nisus team members


Founded in 1996 with the goal of improving client relationship management in professional services, Nisus designs and delivers client insight research.

Collectively we’ve a research and business background yet we try to avoid management jargon and instead emphasise practical research that directly improves key relationships. Our work should improve your bottom line, not get filed in a bottom drawer.

In working with us you’ll find little corporate hospitality, sponsorship or glossy brochures – we’d rather invest in people and services. If we can, we’ll solve your problem with a two-line email not a 50-page report. It means making things happen, not meetings about meetings.

This approach helps us innovate. Founding Director Tim has been a trailblazer for client feedback programmes, bringing client listening to professional services in the 90s and Research Director Graham has championed client service benchmarking in the form of PVI.

Ni·sus  \ ‘nai səs \

  1. pl. an effort or striving toward a particular goal or attainment; impulse.

Origin: 1690-1700; < Latin nīsus act of planting the feet, effort, equivalent to nīt (ī) to support or exert oneself + -tus suffix of v. action.

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