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The Performance and Value Index.

The CRM tool that measures client loyalty and delivers competitor intelligence.

The Performance and Value Index

The CRM tool that measures client loyalty and delivers competitor intelligence.


What our clients say

PVI provided information that has helped shape and structure our approach to client management and where we should differentiate.
Ash Coleman-Smith, BLP
The benchmarked client feedback gave us both the insight and the impetus we needed to make changes that have improved our service. Then clients confirmed in subsequent years’ surveys just how much of a positive difference these changes have made!
Louise Field, Bird & Bird
PVI gathers client perceptions of your firm’s service delivery and value for money offering, quickly and simply. Unlike depth interviewing in person or by telephone, the survey is unobtrusive and can be completed in just a few minutes using any internet enabled device.

PVI Benefits

Clients score the firm against universal service dimensions adapted from an academic model called RATER. As well as this, the internationally recognised Net Promoter Score is applied to gauge loyalty along with our unique Value for Money gap analysis and Budget Compliance measures. Other bespoke questions may be added in order to investigate needs specific to your firm.

The results are benchmarked against other firms, including your nominated competitors to give you clear performance markers. We take care of the number crunching and provide you with easy to use reports ready to be dropped into presentations or used as standalone reports for partners, printed in hard copy or emailed as PDFs.

PVI Pricing Guide

Twelve month subscriptions for feedback and reporting start at £9,950. This includes surveying and reporting with additional charges being £25 per respondent surveyed which includes respondent reports prepared for partner review.

All subscription packages begin on the first day of surveying and run for 12 months. Invoicing is at the close of your first batch of surveying.

Trial Standard Advanced Multi-survey
Free setup Free setup Free setup Free setup
Standard questions only Standard questions only 2 bespoke survey questions 5 bespoke survey questions
No personal presentation Personal presentation Personal presentation Personal presentation
10 standard practice areas 10 standard practice areas Bespoke practice areas Bespoke practice areas
UK surveying only UK surveying only International surveying International surveying
50 respondents 500 respondents Unlimited respondents Unlimited respondents
Single survey Single survey Single survey Multiple surveys
No customisation Standard customisation Full customisation Full customisation
No competitor intelligence reporting No competitor intelligence reporting Competitor intelligence reporting Competitor intelligence reporting

How PVI was born

PVI was initially developed in 2010 and first used by in-house counsel as a legal panel review tool. It was successfully piloted with Barclays, HSBC and ITV in 2011. Since then, Atos, Aviva, Heinz, MITIE, Reckitt Benckiser, Shell, Unilever and Vodafone, among others, have deployed it in reviewing the service and value for money provided by their private practice advisors.

Following the success of PVI with corporate organisations, we reverse engineered the tool for the benefit of professional services firms. PVI is unique because in-house teams provide data directly for their own panel reviews or if requested to do so by their providers. This means clients score non-participating firms as well so there is a wealth of cross-market benchmarks. In 2012 alone we received over 1,200 law firm ratings which we were able to break down in detail by practice area, client sector, geographic location and so on.

Our clients tell us that no other surveying programme has given them access to such breadth and depth of information on clients’ purchasing preferences and behaviours.

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