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Insight leads to ‘Brighter Thinking’

Brand audit case study

Top 20 accountants Menzies wanted to understand how their clients perceived them. The goal was to shape and prioritise the firm’s strategic thinking in a highly competitive marketplace. 

Nisus Consulting was engaged to conduct a far-reaching brand audit for Menzies which explored a range of research parameters including:

•    Measuring the firm’s visibility in the market

•    Benchmarking service performance against competitors

•    Analysing clients’ brand associations

•    Understanding client needs by segment

•    Gauging client loyalty via the Net Promoter Score

Menzies received extensive qualitative and quantitative feedback with comprehensive reports and a detailed set of recommendations to build upon existing brand strengths and to capitalise on new market opportunities.

Brand perception insight:

•    272 clients engaged

•    Telephone and online surveys

•    47-page research report

•    12 strategy recommendation

Nicola Webb_edited.jpg

The research was a great springboard for me in devising their strategy – it told us what clients thought about Menzies, their perception of the firm and level of recognition in the market. It underpinned what subsequently followed, introducing the ‘Brighter thinking’ concept and rebrand.

Nicola Webb – Rebrand Project Director,

The Marketing Centre

Salvador Amico.jpg

The great thing about the Nisus research was that it was all based on fact so at the internal brand launch I could turn to the partners and say, ‘This is what our clients want from us.’, based on a firm foundation of data. It became the cornerstone of everything we did.

Salvador Amico – Partner, Menzies

The challenging research findings led to an entire re-think of Menzies’ positioning in the marketplace. The firm underwent a complete re-brand as well as major changes to its business development strategy and sector team approach.

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