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/ Ni·sus, ‘nai səs /
an effort or striving toward a particular goal or attainment; impulse.

What we do

Nisus helps professional services firms better understand and connect with their clients. Core to this is research that captures client needs and the marketplace, finding ways to see off competition, retain loyal clients and win new business.

Our core services are: 

We do this through a variety of means including online, telephone and face to face surveying along with various types of client engagement in the form of workshops and training.

We believe that small teams focused on big challenges get more done. That's why we try to stay lean and focused.  

We think that partnering long-term is more rewarding and enjoyable than transactional work. So we invest in future and add value beyond the brief. 

We take pride in what we do and think working with integrity, committed to transparency is the only way to get results that makes sense to us. 

How we work

Why we do it 

For those Eureka moments when it all clicks into place. There’s not much more satisfying than taking a complex problem, breaking it down and sussing out what’s going on. We get a kick out of fixing a problem and then sharing our know-how.

Where we’ve come from

Nisus was born out of the belief that professional services firms should be a lot more than just professional. First and foremost, firms should be client-focused. Not so revolutionary now, but when Tim Nightingale founded Nisus in 1996 it was far from common practice. 


Since then, with the addition of a team of researchers and analysts, Nisus has gone on to work with a host of leading professional services firms, improving their offering and growing their client base.


At first from a Twickenham attic, a Sevenoaks shed and latterly offices in Tunbridge Wells, throughout we’ve served clients in London, the rest of the UK and internationally.


In 2018, while retaining our Tunbridge Wells admin centre, we went ‘remote’ with the team working from respective locations and coming together on-site for clients as needed. 


This approach has boosted work-life balance as well as productivity. Going forward we aim to grow further while retaining our commitment to creating high-quality insight with integrity.  

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