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It’s hard to put yourself in your clients’ shoes and experience your firm as they do. How do you stack up against the competition? And it’s particularly difficult for clients to tell you when you’re under-performing; much easier to take their business elsewhere.

That’s why firms use Nisus to gather unbiased feedback that not only monitors satisfaction but forecasts future buying intentions. We ensure firms get a heads-up at the first sign a relationship is going pear-shaped so that they can be rescued; and we help find out what additional services your biggest fans would happily buy from you.

As a professional services firm using Nisus, you can outsource your entire client feedback programme or delegate specific elements. Firms trust Nisus because we specialise in professional services and we treat your clients with as much respect and courtesy as you do.

We conduct extensive telephone, face to face and online surveying, all aimed at better understanding client needs and helping improve service.

Gathering client feedback involves a range of sub-services including:


  • Tender debriefs

  • Relationship reviews

  • Post matter reviews

  • Mystery shopper

  • Interviewer training

  • Conference speaking

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Too busy doing your day job to blow your own trumpet as a thought leader? Most professionals are; the research that underlies good thought leadership requires time, planning and effort.


Employing a specialist research team takes away the time-consuming elements of finding and surveying large numbers of clients and the even harder to reach non-clients. Have a third-party do that and you can focus on engaging with your clients over the findings rather than slogging through data.


Firms use Nisus for the resource to run large-scale projects but at the same time apply critical thinking to convert data into insight. We partner closely with professional services firms to create innovative and thought-provoking content.


As part of our research offering, clients ask Nisus to provide a selection of the following:


  • Research design and scoping

  • Qualitative and quantitative data collection

  • Data analysis and interpretation

  • Report copy-writing

  • Management of design and print

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Too many professional services firms fear talking about brand. Some partners regard it as too intangible and disconnected to service delivery to really embrace and invest in.

Yet firms exist in an increasingly crowded world. There are more products and services on offer than clients can ever possibly recall, try or recommend.


We’re all becoming more savvy in our choices and we reject those that overpromise. However, some firms do manage to stand out from the crowd and connect with clients – they offer meaningful and distinctive experiences, beyond service basics.

Taking the time to understand clients, discovering what makes them tick and how to add value to their business is key to ensuring your brand is attractive and relevant.

Using quantitative and qualitative research methods to measure, map and benchmark brand attributes against those of competitors helps overcome partner fears and demonstrate value. Solid research is a catalyst for change.

Nisus won’t design your new logo but we will conduct in-depth brand auditing that puts facts and figures at your fingertips so you can make informed strategic decisions. Working exclusively within professional services means we understand the nuances of each market and the advantages of particular positioning.

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