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Listening and Leading

Thought Leadership Case Study

As a top 10 accountancy firm and an investment management business, it’s crucial for Smith & Williamson to maintain a constant dialogue with clients in terms of understanding and responding to their needs. Going beyond that is to offer guidance in the form of thought leadership when markets change and action is required.

Since 2012 Nisus has supported Smith & Williamson across a range of projects, broadly falling under the categories of client experience feedback and thought leadership research. Nisus helps by designing studies and undertaking research fieldwork which once presented clearly and concisely, Smith & Williamson experts interpret and act on.

From monitoring initial service expectations and first impressions through to regular satisfaction surveying, Nisus has supported the firm’s ongoing efforts to understand and respond to client needs through its Performance & Value Index survey.

Nisus undertook primary research into the threats and opportunities facing barristers’ chambers in uncertain times for their marketplace. Working together on the writing, the resulting report and subsequent events helped position Smith & Williamson as a thought leader and trusted adviser for barristers all over the country.


The market for barristers’ services is going through huge change further to the Legal Services Act and swathing cuts to Legal Aid. Their business model has been seriously called into question and the research we undertook through Nisus garnered considerable attention. So much so that we plan to revisit it in the near future. We were delighted with it.

Nick Richards – Partner, Smith & Williamson

Monitoring current client satisfaction as well as helping the firm position as a trusted adviser through thought leadership has fostered a strong relationship: Nisus provides the research rigour and resource, which Smith & Williamson is able to interpret and develop in order to demonstrate expertise and aid their clients.

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