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Brand Perception

Too many professional services firms are scared of talking about brand because partners see it as something too intangible and disconnected to service delivery to really embrace and invest in.


Using quantitative and qualitative research methods to measure, map and benchmark brand attributes against those of competitors helps overcome those fears. Solid research is a catalyst for change.


Nisus won’t design your new logo but we will conduct in-depth brand auditing that puts facts and figures at your fingertips so you can make informed strategic decisions. Working exclusively with professional services firms means we understand the nuances of each market and the advantages of particular positioning.


Menzies wanted to understand how their clients perceived them, and to prioritise the firm’s strategic thinking in a highly competitive marketplace...

Test Menzies box.png

Halcrow, a major UK engineering consultancy firm, was looking to gain a clearer view of their clients’ perception of their service and brand...

Halcrow CS.jpg
Test Halcrow box.jpg
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